Born and raised in the deep east of Germany in 1984, I always had a inner motivation to draw and paint, but i knew, in this quite forgotten area , it will be almost impossible to get a job that has something to do with art.


After Highschool  I went to Hamburg making my first experiences with graphic design. After 7 semesters I got my Bachelor  of Arts in Communication Design. That was in 2010.

With that I decided to do something thinking more 3D, so I moved to Hannover and studied Product Design for 5 semesters. I finally realized, that analytic thinking paired with playful fantasy is what gives me the most motivation for creating artwork. What's closer than being a Concept - Artist?

So I moved to Munich and worked 2 years for LIGA01, a German award-winning animation and design industry.


Now  it's time to reach the next level. I look forward to get new exiting jobs and challanging myself to be always state of the art. Since the beginning of 2016  I do my work as a freelance artist. Already the first year brought jobs from storyboards for commercials, over concept art for Video Games to the great honor to do a book cover for a respectable german author. At least I got the golden GoSee Award 2016 for the best portfolio in illustration. I'm excited to see what the second year has for me.


I'm an Artist. This is what i want to be.